About Uncontested Divorce in Texas Online

An uncontested divorce in Texas may also be referred to as an agreed divorce. Generally divorce falls into three general categories: uncontested divorce, contested divorce or missing spouse divorce.

What is Uncontested Divorce in Texas?

In Texas an uncontested divorce indicates that you and your spouse have reached an agreement on how to divide your property and debts, and are working together to dissolve your marriage without litigation. With an agreed divorce both spouses must sign all the paperwork and work together to navigate the mandatory court procedures in the most efficient manner possible. Also, if there are any minor children, born or adopted to you and your spouse, you and your spouse need to be in agreement about how to handle custody and support. In most all uncontested divorce cases in Texas the couple simple agrees to follow the Texas child support guidelines.

Most divorce cases ultimately end with the parties reaching an agreement before an actual trial. Very few cases, including high net worth divorces, celebrity divorces, etc actually result in a trial. The court encourages parties to reach agreement and often mediation and settlement meetings are standard before any trial occurs. Litigating with your spouse can be expensive especially if you both have expensive lawyers. For these reasons, it is usually wise to reach an agreement with your spouse as soon as possible and it’s an effective way to control and even reduce the cost of divorce.

However, if you and your spouse have a lot of assets (home, retirement accounts, business, etc) or other complex issues it is prudent to always speak with an attorney before reaching any agreement with your spouse. By talking to an attorney about your situation you can ensure your personal best interests are being considered. An experienced family law attorney can also explain your legal options.

If you have reached an agreement with your spouse and simply need or desire assistance in completing all the legal paperwork and instructions on finalizing your divorce with your local district court you should consider the unique service available on this website. The agreed divorce service is delivered 100% online by a duly licensed and experienced Texas family law attorney. The online service is fast and affordable. Everything you need to not only file but to also finalize your uncontested divorce in Texas in the most efficient and cost effective manner is provided to you along with detailed, step-by-step instructions drafted by the case attorney specifically for your situation and local district court’s rules and procedures.

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