Modify Texas Child Support

Child support orders issued by a Texas court can be modified by having a new court order issued or through CSRP (child support review process). The process is much faster if both parents can agree on the modification. Please know that child support may only be changed by obtaining a new court order. Until a new order is issued the support obligation does not change.

Your child support order can be modified if:

  1. It has been three or more years since the order was issued or last modified and the monthly amount of the support ordered differs by either 20% or $100 from the current amount provided in the child support guidelines.
  2. A material or substantial change in circumstances occurred since the support order was issued or last modified. Generally a material or substantial change can be the noncustodial parent’s income increasing or decreasing; the noncustodial parent being legally responsible for addition children; change in the child’s medical insurance; or a change in the child’s living arrangements.

If you would like more information on modifying a child support order please send us an email at and ask for more information about modifying child support.