Texas Divorce Online is a legal service to assist you with obtaining your divorce 100% online provided you and your spouse have reached an agreement and you both are willing to sign all the documents. Our service is the most affordable divorce online attorney service you will find. In fact, we are cheaper than most non-lawyer document re-sellers that only offer generic document drafting but no assistance with anything else. We provide more than document drafting. This website also offers remote online notary and court e-filing services. This makes our website a one-stop shop for everything you need to obtain legally accurate and complete divorce documents and submission of them to your local Circuit Court electronically.

With our online attorney service, an attorney reviews your situation to ensure your divorce can be filed in Texas and in which county. The online attorney also ensures your and your spouse’s agreements are lawful and approvable by a circuit court judge. The online attorney will draft all the legal documents specifically for your situation, circumstances, and agreements. Don’t be fooled by non-lawyer websites. Many times, their documents are incomplete, and a judge will not grant your divorce until your documents are legally accurate and complete. Many times you have to end up hiring an attorney to correct the non-lawyer documents so that you can finalize your divorce with the court.

Once your documents are prepared, you and your spouse can choose to sign and notarize them online via this website. Once signed we can then e-file them for you. You don’t have to travel to the District Court to file your divorce case. We can do that for you electronically. Best of all we ensure all required documents are filed accurately and completely.

The online attorney charges a flat fee of only $195 (payable via two payments of $99 if desired). Digital signing and online notary services are $40 per spouse. Court e-filing is $75 plus the mandatory court fee unless the court fee is waived by the court.

Texas law requires sixty days to pass after you file your divorce petition with the district court before the judge can finalize your divorce. The sooner you file your divorce petition, the sooner the sixty-day clock begins. The online attorney also prepares the final divorce decree and the other required documents. The divorce decree has to be prepared accurately in order for the judge sign it and grant your divorce. The final decree is the most important document, and we have assisted thousands of people every year in obtaining judge-approved divorce decrees. Other websites focus only on helping you obtain the document(s) needed to start your case. That’s easy. We help ensure the judge will approve your divorce decree and dissolve your marriage. Only a judge can grant your divorce. Ensure your divorce will be granted by using a highly experienced and affordable online attorney.

There is no faster or more convenient online divorce in Texas. No office visits or court visits are required to obtain your documents, notarize, and file them with the court. Our online process is easy and convenient. You answer simple questions online, and we prepare your divorce petition and final divorce decree. Our online interview allows you to answer simple questions which explain how you and your spouse will divide any property and debt. If dependent children are involved, we ask simple questions that allow you to explain your agreements related to child support, visitation, and conservatorship. We calculate child support for you.

Texas Divorce Online, it’s easy, affordable, and fast.