Texas Divorce Parenting Class

Texas law section Sec. 105.009, known as the Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course, indicates that Texas courts may require divorcing or separating parents with minor children to complete a parenting course. The law indicates that the course must be taken within 60 days suit affecting the parent-child relationship being filed with the court. Some courts will not finalize your divorce case until both parents complete the course.

The average cost of the course is about $35 per parent. Online course are accepted. We recommend the course provided by OurParentingClass.com as it is an approved Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course and meets the Texas Courts’ requirements.

The course is only $25 and can be taken online. Under Texas law you do not have to pass a test to receive your certificate of completion. Simple register, watch the videos and receive your certificate.

To take the course in English use the following link

To take the course in Spanish use the following link

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