Do-it-Yourself Texas Divorce Forms

If you are looking for Texas divorce forms to use for your texas divorce there are a few things you should know. Please be aware that:

  1. There is no one size fits all set of forms that you can download anywhere that will meet your specific situation and set of circumstances.
  2. The divorce “forms” are actually documents meaning that the documents are dynamic in that you add or remove language appropriate for your case and then format the document accordingly. Forms are static and generally have blanks for you to fill in your information and if a question doesn’t apply you skip it. This process is not the situation with divorce documents. Failing to address certain items in your divorce papers may have long term consequences or delay the judge from being able to grant your divorce.
  3. That most forms you find online are only a few of the documents you may need for your case. Recently the supreme court of Texas tried to adopt a set of forms for cases involving no kids and no substantive property. This resulted in a controversy as each court has unique documents for their court/county. The forms even contained this warning: “Without the advice and help of an attorney, you may be putting yourself, your personal property, and your money at risk.”
  4. If you do prepare your own divorce documents you will first need to determine which documents apply to your situation and circumstances, find and locate all the documents, cover letters and individual court coversheets or similar documents needs to actually file and finalize your divorce case. After this you will then need to customize the language of the petition and divorce decree documents to meet your situation and circumstances, and if you have children prepare a parenting plan and child custody and support documents. You will need to determine the protocol of your local divorce court in order to file, notify your spouse, and then schedule your final hearing where the judge will hopefully finalize your decree. This process can be overwhelming especially while dealing with the emotional strain of divorce. Even in an agreed/uncontested divorce and it can take a savvy computer many days to complete this process.

What’s the best way to get correct Texas Divorce Papers?

Through this website we have created a very simple and extremely affordable way to have an attorney do the confusing and often complicated document work for you. The total cost of our unique service is only $195. Through this website you can get an experienced Texas family attorney to assist you with your uncontested divorce, and it’s available at a lawyer-free price.

Our unique, 100% online attorney service allows you to answer some simple questions online. Your case attorney reviews your answers and determines what documents are needed in your case.

The attorney then drafts these documents to include adding legal language as needed to reflect your specific situation and circumstances as well your agreements with your spouse. Your case documents are available online and the case attorney also prepares detailed case completion instructions specific to your local district court that you follow to complete your divorce with your local court. It’s as simple as following our step-by-step instructions to finalize your uncontested divorce.

Most important every case and court specific document needed to obtain your uncontested divorce is provided to you to include your final decree of divorce. And, unlike the non-attorney websites, should you have questions we can answer your legal questions.

Warning about websites selling divorce kits or typing services

Be aware that nearly all the “online divorce” websites do not employ attorneys and as such offer only a typing service that simply inputs your information into their standard divorce documents, which may or may not be all the documents you need for your case. But more important their standard divorce documents may not acceptable to the judge when it is time to sign your final divorce decree to finalize your uncontested case.

Carefully review any websites offering divorce forms and online services. You will quickly discover that nearly all offer nothing but typing services because they are not attorneys and cannot, by Texas law, provide you with legal advice or answer your legal questions or even help you make decisions about your case. You will also discover that these non-attorney typing service sites only guarantee that their documents are valid for filing (starting your divorce case) with court.

Think about it, what your documents actually spells out only becomes important when it’s time for the judge to review your final divorce decree. The court staff that accepts your documents for filing to start your divorce case with the court system aren’t attorneys either and likewise by law not allowed to advise you if the language within your documents is legally accurate and sufficient for the judge to finalize your divorce decree. The court staff may only alert you if you are missing a mandatory document or explain the court’s procedures.

Finally, the non-attorney websites do not guarantee the divorce decree they fill-in for you will be legally sufficient or accurate for your unique situation and circumstances or properly and legally reflect the agreements you reached with your spouse. It’s the final decree that the judge signs that ends your marriage and divides your property and, if applicable, spells out child custody, visitation and child support.

What documents are usually required?

The divorce documents needed varies for a number of reasons. First, you should be aware that divorce documents may vary from district court to district court as some courts require certain documents specific only to their local court. In addition, each divorce case is unique and contains its own circumstances and scenarios which impacts what documents are needed for each individual case.

For example, one case may involve children and another may not. A case may or may not involve a house, land or other property. In one case a spouse may wish to restore their maiden name and in another a spouse may wish to continue using their married name after the divorce is finalized. Each of the aforementioned situations determines which documents are necessary as well as impacts the legal language contained in the documents.

Use the appropriate link below to review the list of common documents in a Texas uncontested divorce. The lists have been divided into two categories:

  1. For cases not involving minor children, click here.
  2. For cases involving minor children, click here.