Why Divorce Online - Is It the Best Idea for You

When you’ve reached that point in your life where separating from your spouse becomes inevitable, you will probably want to avoid emotional distress as much as possible. If you’re asking yourself why divorce online, know that this option makes the whole process affordable and easier. "Divorces are made in heaven," wrote Oscar Wilde in The Importance of Being Earnest. It may come to a point when you look back and think this is true, and that may especially be the case if both of you come out of it without any hard feelings.

Signed papers and a pen.
If you manage to find common ground and agree, setting foot in court can be avoided.

What Is an Online Divorce and How to Qualify?

Dissolution rates may be dropping, but ending a marriage can still be a depressing process. According to the American Psychological Association, getting divorced is an emotionally difficult event where you might need some sort of help and support, but it is possible to have a healthy breakup. Couples who are seeking an uncontested Texas divorce process are eligible to use online services and file for divorce online. Uncontested means you’re avoiding disputes because you’ve managed to sit down and come to an agreement about all the major issues, without hiring an attorney. These include child custody, visitation, and child support, as well as property and debt division and alimony.

A keyboard and a pen.
An online solution may come in handy.

Why Divorce Online - Pros and Cons to Divorcing From the Comfort of Your Home

As you’ve reached an agreement as a couple, you should find online services that can help you and support your legal needs. If your state allows it, you can file for divorce in Texas by filling out and submitting divorce forms. It’s an easy solution, similar to filing your taxes over the internet.

Why Use a Service to File for a Divorce Online and Is It the Best Choice?

The advantages of this option are many. Getting divorced tends to cost a lot of money, is time-consuming, and causes emotional distress. For couples that want a quick and easy divorce online, this solution has proven to be the best choice. Here is why:

  • It allows you to complete the documentation without having to leave your home and go through lengthy litigation, law issues, and looking for an attorney.
  • Your documents will be filed and ready for a reasonably low price. That means it is a more affordable option, and it can help you and your spouse save a lot of money.
  • A “quick divorce online” will take much less time to complete. If you’re worried about how long do divorces take in Texas, you can rest assured it will take less than doing it the old-fashioned way.
  • These are difficult and trying times, with the pandemic that dictates social distancing. An online solution for divorcing during Covid is a much safer option, as you won’t have to worry about entering crowded spaces.

With easy-to-follow instructions, both parties will be guided through cheap, easy divorce online.

What Are the Downsides of These Services?

The con of the online solution is that it does not offer any legal options in the case of contested divorces in Texas. What once seemed like a simple case may get complicated if there is even one major issue where both parties can not agree. Are you divorcing in Texas with children? Child custody, child support, as well as other divorce law issues, like the division of assets, tend to be the ground for dispute and will lead your case to court regardless of the state you’re in.

A couple taking rings off.
A contested dissolution of marriage may be a lengthy and pricey process.

How to File for an Easy Online Divorce in the State of Texas?

This type of service usually determines the accurate situation with your spouse through a series of questions. Prior to filing your documents, make sure you have settled all the major issues with your spouse. These include property division, as well as debts. If there are any children from the marriage, agree on child support and on custody if any of the children are minors. The important things include the residence of both parties involved, the aforementioned agreement, and willingness to sign the papers on both sides. Make sure every step is covered, and you can qualify for an online divorce process in Texas.

Is Online Divorce Legal in the State of Texas?

A lengthy legal process sometimes can not be avoided. An online option in cases that can’t be settled without an attorney, and where spouses can’t come to an agreement, is not recommended. Even though not all cases are eligible for this solution, yes, it is most certainly legal, and beginning to be a common practice.

Does This Kind of Service Provide You With All the Needed Papers?

Many sites have made it easy to find documents and divorce papers online. They give you the option of filling out their online forms which are later reviewed. There are no unified forms that fit every situation, so answering questions on the website is necessary for the drafting of your specific documents.

A stack of papers.
All papers and forms are available online.

Will I Need an Attorney?

When you file for dissolution on a site online, an attorney reviews all of your answers and prepares your documents. These include the petition, as well as your final decree. If needed, they will also provide you with step-by-step instructions that help guide you through an uncontested dissolution in your local district court.

Three female lawyers.
Lawyers will review all the documentation online.

Avoid Any Tension and Find a Good Online Service

With everything between both parties settled, choosing to end your marriage online is the best way for an easy solution. It will save you from any distress and additional expenses, which can be plentiful. By following easy instructions, your paperwork will be prepared by an online attorney service until the finalization of your dissolution and getting the decree.